Warning: This project has been discontinued!



About the system

The ep-3 Hotelsystem is an open source (MIT licensed) web application for hotels and similar facilities, which allows guests to check the availability of rooms and book them online.

The system was initially designed as an extension to the ep-3 Bookingsystem to make it ready for the special needs of hotels and similar facilities. However, we soon realized that such a system requires a much different system architecture than for booking tennis courts for example.

Thus, we separated the hotelsystem from the bookingsystem to make it an independend, top level project and to optimize it for the needs of that particular branch.



The primary function and workflow of the hotelsystem is the following:

  • Configure the system for your facility (names, texts, info, settings, ...)
  • Create and configure rooms (with text, images, capacity, ...)
  • Create bundles with pricing rules for nights and additional products and services
  • Let your guests simply book free rooms and select customized products ...
  • ... and manage them via the administration panels.


An overview of the currently available features can be found on the features page.

We are planning and working on the implementation of new and advanced features, such as multiple payment options, an optional guest login for checking own bookings and speed up the booking process and assist accounts for the backend.

Created by: Tobias Krebs
Updated: August 2014